Happy Hardcore Holidays!


Here I am with a day off of work and I should be running around getting last minute Christmas gifts, but my heating bill was 200 dollars this month, so I’m on a budget until summer basically. Budgets are kind of the worst too, because I suck at sticking to them. I have a budgeting app on my phone (that I PAID for?) and it still depresses me. I feel so confident when I am in the blue — but then I spend a big chunk of change at Whole Foods or H&M and “fuck it” mode engages.

Holidays shouldn’t be about money — or weight gain for that matter. Everyone tries to avoid the holiday pounds — why? Because we are being extra social and going to ugly Christmas sweater parties and eating rum balls with eggnog? I guess. My “holiday weight gain” usually comes from me wanting to sleep all day since there are about 3 hours of daylight and its 25 degrees outside. I’m a freaking brown bear. See ya’ll in Spring!

So winter for me is really about survival. I’ve been taking some extra steps to make sure everything on me stays in working order until warmer weather comes again.

  • Bike trainer: ImageI hook my current bike up to it and go to town for 20 minutes to an hour to clear my head and sweat. Bonus: you can jam out to your favorite songs and not look like a tool bag in front of others.
  • Food diary:  ImageNormally these are annoying — but its been helpful to see where I am lacking in terms of nutrients and macros. I am currently eating only 11 percent calories from protein and would like to bump this up.
  • HIIT: Did some investigating online and found a few good work outs to change things up. Check out The Daily Hiit site.
  • Tanning: I know this sounds counter intuitive, but I rarely get outside at my job so that Vitamin D (even from a synthetic source) is very very helpful with mood and health. Do you want me to keep crying at these Apple holiday commercials? Awkward…
  • MOISTURIZE: ImageMan, it is dry up in here. I bought a humidifier a few weeks back to keep my sinuses happy at night. It broke. 😦 So hopefully Santa will bring me a new one, or I’ll pay more than 40 bucks for one. Also been using plain old coconut oil on my skin and nose for extra moisture. Stuff does wonders.
  • Washing my hair every other day:  I’m on a mission to grow my hair out — but the dry weather breaks it like crazy. So I now only wash it every other day since I can just pull it up and go with that “beachy” look. Or  the hey! I didnt wash my hair look. Also washing it before bed and letting it air dry has saved it from heat damage, which I am super guilty of doing. Blow drying and flat ironing once a week MAX now. Going hippy this next year. Dreads are looking good…kidding.
  • Eating Clean: Also extra effort to avoid sugar (help!) and limit carbs since I am less active in winter. Body seems to responding well.

Things to work on:

  • Meal timing
  • Digestion
  • Healing Acne
  • Getting a social life

Merry Christmas friends. 🙂