This Place Is A Prison


Hey there. Well if anyone is actually out there and reading this, you may or may not know I had the honor of being a guest on a podcast. I was able to speak about my journey from sickness into recovery and what was well next I suppose. Its an interesting thing to be able to give a voice to the things that happened to you.

I dont share with everyone (even some close friends) that I struggled with anorexia for 10 years. Its really not relavant to who I am anymore. People shouldnt have to walk on eggshells. Things are no longer “triggering” for me that may of been before. Being on this side of health is really amazing. It hard to even think back into the mind and life that I lead 10 years ago. I did not drink or celebrate like most 21 year olds. I played it “safe”. Inside my little cave of fear and anxiety. I slept a lot back then too. Hey, I still like to sleep. It does wonders for my waking hours. But I suppose that is a different blog post.

I really struggled with the question “What would I tell myself back then (when I was sick)?” Because I am not one to judge, or give false promise — I couldn’t think of anything other than “dont waste your time”. But was it really time wasted? Time spent to say bigger things later. I can only hope.

You can find the podcast over at and the link here.

Give it a listen and do me a favor and rate the show for Kaila + Eito on iTunes. Very easy.

Sorry if I talk fast!


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